No. 7 Cotton

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Minimum Order:
45 Square Feet

Finish required

this product is sold by the square foot. each order will contain a mix of 3", 5" and 7" wide material.

  for contractor pricing & for orders over 500 square feet, please contact our sales team

(214) 954-7030

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who wouldn't want white wood?

farm pine collection or industrial collection? we couldn't decide so we put no. 7 cotton in both! this product merges the sustainability and uniqueness of reclaimed wood with a modern aesthetic. our no. 7 cotton is white washed with 100% lime to provide some rustic variation to the ever-popular white wall. this material will most definitely bring life to your space!

download no. 7 cotton spec sheet

product description no. 7 cotton

availability orders under 500 square feet typically ship within 5-10 business days. call for lead time on orders over 500 square feet.

origin united states farms, mills & factories

species mixed species - mostly reclaimed pine, oak and hickory

color & tones natural light brown and grey undertones with inconsistent white wash

millwork s1s2e (smooth back side & square edged, natural, white washed front face) 

net dimensions 3”, 5” or 7” wide x 3/8” or 1/2” thick x random lengths 1-4'

personality will include inconsistent white wash with natural weathered undertones and possibilities of: grayed or dirty markings, color variations, saw trace markings, mixed grain, shaded or unfilled nail holes, visible or missing knots, surface checking, surface scarring, and other signs of prior use and age